Dell XPS 12 Review

IPS touch display full 1080p Premium Convertible Ultrabook features a carbon fiber and aluminum structure, and of course Windows 8. This computer worth the premium price? Please read our full review of the


Is one of the first tablet converting second particular notebook Windows 8. Really a beautiful display, and is equipped with a clean design and exceptional build quality. Other highlights, including an excellent backlit keyboard and touch pad, decent battery life and fast performance, and it has a more solid speaker. If you want the full experience you are looking for a Windows 8 computer, your ticket is $ 1,199.

Dell XPS 12
Dell XPS 12

Construction and Design

Ultrabook Dell XPS 12 convertible touch display flips takes design elements from the existing Dell Inspiron Duo netbook tablet, which can be switched to the inside of the frame has This mechanism is rock solid, and it works just fine. Rotated to the desired position and is held in place by the display of a series of magnets that once you make a mistake there is no possibility of dislodging the. Thing we ever back tip because in notebook mode to use the touch screen while unrealistic are, is the biggest drawback for this design, the screen will be heavy. Is a little awkward.

Tablet mode, the Dell XPS 12 can be stored in any position. Cooling fan can not be blocked, so are hidden inside the chassis. Okay, it's comfortable to hold, and I rubberized exterior surface. Be tracked through the finger to the glass surface of the display and easy. Smoothly the entire tablet experience.

Dell XPS 12 build quality is outstanding. It was made from a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum, and magnesium. As a result, strong plastic that does not bend, yet lightweight (3.35 lbs) design. It details the build quality or flawless interested can find no problem difficult.

In addition to quality and unique screen in the flip mechanism, the design of the Dell XPS 12 is a good thing in my book, rather than an unknown computer on more jeungbalgieul not look do I key on the keyboard and palm rest, durability and hide fingerprints and dust like how the rubberized surface. Get up and save the entire laptop is Gorilla Glass display surface glossy surface and easily smudged touch screen, but the nature given the inevitable happened.

Similarly, Dell XPS 12 laptops and most modern Ultrabooks and convertible floor RAM drive or save one of the access panel to upgrade existing shortage. Yeah, it's that most people buy a PC yourself upgrade considerations do not. Ready to remove 10 Torx screws to disassemble the chassis if you want to own cheap upgrade to perform.

Input and output ports

Port diversity and quantity is lacking in some areas, the Dell XPS 12, just two USB 3.0 ports and a mini DisplayPort connector. It is Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, ExpressCard and media card rideoyi lack of boundaries, and the latter can forgive I miss something in the Dell XPS 12 has a storage drive activity light is that there is a lack of 

Keyboard and Touch Pad

Dell XPS 12 Chiclet-style layout of the spacing between the keys (add) and has a full-size keyboard. Varies with a white LED backlight, the brightness level automatically. Normal amounts of the major travel finally Keyboard - The keyboard is the most comfortable I have used all the Ultrabook Keyboard tactile feedback.

Keys like the rest of the palm rest area slightly grippy rubberized surface. It entered into a reasonably quiet. Attention to the arrow keys on the key below the house, End, Page Up and Page is that it is a secondary function as an integrated, more or less a small laptop, but nonetheless cheats expected.

Cypress touch pad clickpad and press down to produce a click. Not quite available and I have a problem with the accuracy. Click the efforts of a reasonable amount. rubberized surface is helpful to the accuracy Loud click My only complaint is the taste of food, they are able to silence and must close.

Screen and speakers

The biggest highlight of the notebook screen is a touch screen - it's a beautiful and perfect accuracy. Meaning easily by sliding your finger across the smooth surface scratches probably stronger than ordinary glass, gorilla glass surface. Fingerprint disadvantage of the glass surface (I can not be avoided and the touch screen is not that point home) and overhead, and confusing reflections of ambient light and generate up to get smudged.

Full HD resolution of the screen, another real rating points (1920x1080 pixels). Tons of work space and two windows side by side the ability to use this translation. Especially when you use in tablet mode, the vertical direction of the Dell XPS 12, you can see the many rows of text at a time, especially since the property of their respective owners. IPS (plane switching) display, because the figure reported in the same angle, regardless of the unlimited viewing angle seems does

All this at the top of the display to add a bright, excellent contrast, and blacks and whites really noticeable. Saturation is too good - they are in a boat without the proper amount of color will have the same image.

Towards the side of the chassis of the Dell XPS 12, the two speakers. Can switch to this unusual layout, and this notebook, despite tablet because it makes sense to face the outside. Speaker base with a hint of good mids and the best range of their size and location, is surprisingly grant to promote full're full. It is difficult to complain.

Heat and noise

One in the upper left corner of the rear of the chassis, the XPS 12 is equipped with a fan. After escaping from the display hinge weary air deflection. Can not generally a fan of this layout, but it will be held almost anywhere in the XPS 12 double horse tablet given to the output of the fan is not blocked, hands covering from shielding must.

For normal use (internet surfing) XPS 12 so the heat generation of the traces are left at room temperature. At full load, just nearly so, a little bit of a temperature rise on the left side, but can XPS 12 in tablet mode, run a little warmer, but again, "Hey, this thing is getting warm" threshold approach, do not. Load whine a little and listen to, but the fans should not be listening to within a quiet atmosphere than Overall cooling solution works well.

Battery Life

Battery life test for Windows 8, we Powermark using it's web browsing, word processing, gaming and video playback, the workload is a combination of the Better much more severe than the previous test, the new test is used to simulate the actual As a result, the battery life can considerably lower the score.

Dell XPS 12 6-cell battery (47WHr) built-in 3 hours 29 minutes running. This is our old benchmark simulation continuously somewhere in the web browsing was 6 hours in five will be. Outstanding, but decent does not jeoncheyi ultraportable laptop for hours.

Software and Windows 8

Software included I had my share of problems with Windows 8. Check whether the problem is related to both Windows 8, XPS 12, I can not. I experienced the problem:
  • Touch feature is resolved, restart the system often will stop the system throughout the work.
  • Hard shutdown (hold the power button for 5 seconds) the system need to shut down properly, did not.
  • Purchase Windows 8 App Store in the application whenever the touch features, App Store stops working.
  • Sometimes I after coming out of standby to restore the brightness of the entire screen, you can not.


Dell XPS 12 on the table thanks to the tablet form factor offers the full Windows 8 experience. Dell screen flipping mechanism is unique, because it is a rock solid and it instantly turns into a large tablet. 12.5-inch display is absolutely beautiful, and the touch screen feature Windows 8 perfect work. Full HD resolution of the screen (1920x1080) the use or design of high-resolution photos and video of the beautiful details in the next two windows to side, space, tone. You If you do not want to use the tablet mode and XPS 12 backlit keyboard and clickpad is fantastic.

Thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber and metal alloys in excellent build quality of the XPS 12, it is 0.8 "thin and 3.4 pounds is pretty portable new test battery life (5 + from the traditional test is used 3.5 hours. ), which is reasonable for an ultraportable laptop Core I5 ​​processor and 128 gigabytes Samsung SSD system performance is good, thanks.

Our complaints, but a few are notable. Is the first port of a very limited kind of two USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, media card reader or can (the latter especially is a disappointment). Tip the screen back and this heavy design, because not practical using the touch screen on the laptop mode. Finally, I have experienced a minor software problem (of the XPS 12, Windows 8, both driver issue). Download updates in the future, perhaps these software problems can be fixed, and the lack of a media card reader, can be a problem for people to transfer the digital pictures in this way on a regular basis.

XPS 12 is not cheap at $ 1,200 to start, but I'm getting a tablet and a notebook with the world's top quality machinery.

  • Beautiful touch screen display
  • A complete tablet experience
  • Excellent build quality
  • Good keyboard and touch pad
  • Lack of ports (NO media card reader)
  • Heavy design screen
  • Some software problems