MSI GT680 Notebook Review: Dragon engined Intel and NVIDIA

Class gaming notebook that has always attracted our attention. How not, this class is always filled with high specifications and components! Usually you will be offered a top-class processors, high-capacity memory, hard disks with large rooms (sometimes equipped with optional Raid), and the graphics are qualified to run 3D games smoothly. Unfortunately the price of gaming class notebooks enough to drain your wallet. However, the price is definitely fit the high performance!

This time, we got a gaming notebook from MSI. MSI notebook is GT680 series. That carried the notebook chassis design is still the same as the previous GT series, namely MSI-shaped shield with the emblem in the middle. Uniquely, these symbols can be lit. In addition, this notebook has a piano finishing and a motif like dragon skin underneath. MSI is using the dragon as a symbol gamingnya notebook. Naturally, if the GT680 is finally using a dragon motif.
MSI GT680 Notebook
MSI GT680 Notebook

Talking about weight, this notebook weighs 3:38 kg. This notebook also has a large size. The amount contributed by the notebook's screen has a size of 15 inches. With such a large and heavy, you might think twice about traveling while carrying the notebook. Moreover, it has an adapter for notebook bricks, arguably if the device is an adapter toughest ever stopped Jagat Review. Moreover, it turns out the MSI GT680 has an optional hard disk by 2 slot, while the products come to our table only equipped with a single hard disk. What happens when we received the test product is equipped with two hard drives? Obviously this product will be heavier.

In the casing looks fierce, the stored specifications can deliver power like a dragon. In it, saved a second-generation Intel Core processors (Sandy Bridge), i7 2630QM, which are paired with the Intel 6 series B3 chipsets that have been revised. For memory, the MSI GT680 uses a large 8 GB DDR3 which is expandable up to 16 GB. For data storage capacity, the MSI GT680 providing space of 500GB and if necessary, you can add it to a hard disk unit again. For graphics, the NVIDIA GTX460M MSI handed with 1.5 GB of memory. Of course with these specifications, the notebook is capable of running 3D games very well. This notebook actually has power like a dragon!

MSI GT680 Notebook, Dragon engined Intel and NVIDIA