Hands on with the Slim Folio Stand for the iPad 2

The last time we talked about hands on review of the product from Belkin, it is to conserve energy savings USB Charging Station Valet. The company sent me to stand for 2 Slim Folio iPad in advance, and it's very good.

I think the case Folio is just a cover for the IPAD can also be used as support. It does not come with a keyboard, but it can certainly do a lot of angles thanks to the hood you see in the picture.

Input mode is good enough for email and chat you want to do. Material created because it is very difficult and body shape. This may not leather, but is it really necessary? He lives with his name as a slim.

If there is an error on Slim Folio Stand, it was he did not do a very good portrait. Now, Folio Stand can make your iPad stand, but it seems that most of the time taken for the iPad landscape in many corners, but only one or zero for the portrait.

I have no word on when Folio Slim Stand for 2 iPad comes out, or price. According to the official website, it will only be available in Black / Midnight.