Samsung Notebook 9 Series, Thinnest and Lightest Notebook from Samsung

After going through various stages of rigorous testing, Samsung finally launched its new thinnest notebook, the Samsung Notebook 9 Series which only has less than 1 inch thick (16.33 mm) with reliable performance, elegant design, and durable.

With aerodynamic curves and sleek, premium notebook with a 13 inch screen and weighs just 1:31 kg was so fits comfortably in the hand.

What distinguishes the other notebooks, Samsung's latest device is made from duralumin, a lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminum. "To be light and powerful, the Samsung Notebook 9 Series accidentally wrapped using duralumin metal materials, advanced materials commonly used in aircraft," said Felix Ignatius Tanumiharja, Samsung Notebook Product Manager Indonesia at the launch of the Samsung Notebook 9 Series in Palalada Indonesian Cuisine, Grand Indonesia , Jakarta, 5 April. According to him, with a lightweight design, elegant, and sturdy, this device is suitable for use by professionals who want all the best, in terms of design, performance, and usability.

Even so thin, there's nothing lacking in performance. Besides armed with Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0, Intel Core i5/i7, and 8 GB of memory, the device is also equipped with various advanced functions and features.

For a sharper screen display, the Samsung Notebook 9 Series is equipped with Super Bright Plus technology with bright 400nit, two times brighter than conventional notebook display. Auto Light Sensor feature available on the device is also able to adjust the screen brightness to surrounding light notebooks automatically. So when used under sun light, the light on the screen with Super Contrast ratio (1300:1) will be even brighter. Similarly, if the notebook is brought into the room, the lights will be dimmed.

Not only that, Samsung's Fast Start instant feature allows the device is switched on in just 12 seconds, equipped SSD (solid state drive) for 128/256 GB, and lithium polymer batteries lasting three times longer than a typical notebook.

The plan this week Samsung Notebook 9 Series will be thrown into the market at a price of U.S. $ 1.640 and a longer warranty, which is 3 years.