Samsung NF310 Review

If you have to pay $ 399 for the netbook, it must be special. The NF310 Samsung make a case for the price premium with a futuristic-chic design, dual-core Atom processors and high-resolution screen (1366 x 768) with 10-inch screen. During this mini laptop does not offer the longest battery life, it is an excellent choice.

Samsung NF310 The NF310 is a bold departure from traditional netbook you. Included with charcoal gray cap, you can see the outline of the waves on the side. Once opened, make a curve and a flat in silver deck, where the keyboard sits. These projections help system 1.2-inch thick, rather large, but the corners are rounded and bevelled edges NF310 touch of elegance. The chunkier and a half behind and slightly protruding battery makes the netbook 2.8-pound comfortable to wear with one hand.

Closing a metallic appearance, but the spots were collected with plastic coating easily and leaves us confused. We hope that Samsung will offer more color choices. Under cover, plastic with a glossy screen dot pattern around the screen. This pattern is cool, but the screen is slightly larger than we want.

our hands-on time NF310 was relatively cool, even while sitting on his lap. After the play Hulu videos in full screen mode for 15 seconds, we measure the temperature between the G and H keys on the touch pad and in the middle of the floor. Keyboard only reached 82 degrees, while the touch pad and the ground measured 81 - and within our comfort zone choice for laptops.

Keyboard and Touchpad
With NF310, Samsung go with keyboard-island. We have a simple layout like other models in the N-Series to use, and able to reach our normal typing speed soon. Most of the buttons big enough and placed well. We just want the space bar a bit higher than we sometimes accidentally press the left Alt key, instead. The 2.9 x 1.5-inch touch pad is a comfortable size, and we want to make it through the metal strip, so that the fingers do we know when to deviate from the touch surface has marginalized. There is no friction, disturb us, and spun metal look is a nice touch pad.

Display and Audio

This is not full of typical 1366 x 768 pixels display on a netbook, which NF310 Samsung feels more like a normal laptop makes when surfing the Internet, edit documents and other tasks. It just feels less claustrophobic. 10.1-inch matte screen with wide viewing angle, and even added a rich, color inside. Lack of gloss means no reflection, and some sunlight is limited visibility.
The two speakers sit on top of the keyboard delivered great audio, especially for netbooks. With SRS Premium Sound drivers, we could hear the bass differ in Superchick One Girl Revolution "and rocking to Metallica's" Enter Sandman "to only 50 percent of the volume. Even if the Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror, we do not need to max volume to hear it clearly in a room with low level background noise.

Ports and Webcam

In addition to three USB ports, NF310 also offers VGA, Ethernet, headphone and microphone ports. Unfortunately, 4-in-1 memory card slot does not have a lock spring, a SD card depending on the side of the netbook means. There is another minor disappointment: In contrast to the N-series netbook last, this model does not come with a cost-USB port, so that the user is given no telephone conversation or any other power supply through the bus, while NF310 sleep accessories.